Receptacles in Plenums

I know there are rules that apply to wiring types within plenums. What are the rules about receptacles?




Jeff, maybe we could ask our CMI from the North. :wink:

I am sure you already knew that. But might help others. :slight_smile:

It depends on if you want to use the most stringent or Just what your local AHJ will allow.
And as I have seen so far that Is allot less stringent then ONTARIO.

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In other words NOT AT CHANCE IN HE DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS unless it is used inside the plenum.

Mr. know nothing speaks. unbelievable.:shock:

Here we go again.

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That’s a good link Marcel, thanks. I do know the rules regarding wiring.

I know this receptacle shouldn’t be here (for obvious reasons), I’m just looking to see if it’s actually prohibited.

Try harder KEVIN.

Maybe you can find some private code to enlighten us danger loving Americans.:stuck_out_tongue:

Mike, for once, and I would not have thought it was possible, I agree with you wholeheartedly.
This is ridiculous.
And I am bragging of this Association out in the public. Wow.
Someday, I hope I can be part of a different league.

It is getting obvious to me now that it is all about the money. :frowning:

Technically it’s not “wiring” but anything you plug into it would be so I can’t see how you could ever use it.

My best guess is that is was for an electronic air cleaner.

I used to have one from Everclear that would fit in a normal filter bay. it had a separate electronic box.

No problem Jeff, I knew what you were talking about, and was just a matter of finding it.

As a commercial builder, I came across that many times, but actually never heard of it called Enviromental Air, but more a ceiling plenum.
You are also not allowed to have PVC piping nor exposed kraft faced insulation.
I have the CD on this of a job I did, but a chore to find it.

Mike Holt produces some nice informational videos. I like his News letters too.

Electrical and HVAC are my weak points. Always appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

I didn’t even consider that. I usually see them attached directly to the blower in an attic or closet.

I had that probably 25 years ago and and can’t find the same one anymore.

It worked well and all you had to do is pull it out and rinse it off periodically.

Like this one.

Wow, I thought you knew that already. Just goes to prove even old dogs like Marcel can learn something new. :mrgreen:

Well, sometimes you know, but you just don’t want to believe it until the facts of the truth start spilling out.;):mrgreen:

How about 300.22(B)

300.20(B) refers to individual conductors, rather than a cable assembly. For instance, two legs of 120V, or 1 grounded and 1 ungrounded conductor entering separatly through a metal box or enclosure.

Here is a similar discussion in that regard

Jeff, where do you see 300.22 only applies to individual conductors?

From the 2011 NEC.

(B) Ducts Specifically Fabricated for Environmental Air.
Only wiring methods consisting of Type MI cable, Type
MC cable employing a smooth or corrugated impervious
metal sheath without an overall nonmetallic covering, electrical
metallic tubing, flexible metallic tubing, intermediate
metal conduit, or rigid metal conduit without an overall
nonmetallic covering shall be installed in ducts specifically
fabricated to transport environmental air. Flexible metal
conduit shall be permitted, in lengths not to exceed 1.2 m
(4 ft), to connect physically adjustable equipment and devices
permitted to be in these fabricated ducts. The connectors
used with flexible metal conduit shall effectively close
any openings in the connection. Equipment and devices
shall be permitted within such ducts only if necessary for
the direct action upon, or sensing of, the contained air.
Where equipment or devices are installed and illumination
is necessary to facilitate maintenance and repair, enclosed
gasketed-type luminaires shall be permitted.

My bad :smiley: I was looking at 300.20(B)