Recepticles on Ceiling??

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I have a question here. The pictures may be a little hard to see but this house (built in 1994) has electrical recepticles on the ceiling. They “tested” fine, but is this OK to have these on the ceiling like this? Or do you think this was a bad homeowner job to have done this?? Help.

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Popular in craft rooms and workshops. Drill press in middle of floor, ironing board in middle of room, etc.

They’re fine. Nothing wrong with them.

Yeppers…Just put one in yesterday…:slight_smile:

Just remembers they do not meet the " Spacing " requirement needed for a normal room layout…but they are perfectly fine and used many times as Marc said for dedicated needs.

Not that it applies here…but remembering back to my commercial/industrial days isn’t a ceiling mounted plug required to be a twist-lock type and isn’t there a restriction on the type and length of the whip (extension cord) to the object being powered and that it cannot have any intermediate connections?

One that immediately comes to mind is the receptacle for a garage door opener. Ive installed and also find ceiling mounted 230v receptacles in garages, workshops, etc.

Doug beat me to my comment.
I have one just like that in my garage also, its for the door opener.

Greatest invention since sliced Bread love them.
Have them all over my Garage and work shop So handy.
No cord to trip over and if you do get caught they just pull out .
Roy Cooke

Switched ceiling and “high wall” mounted receptacles are common for “rope light” prewires. I have several in my house, a couple in 1900 boxes with an occupancy sensor in it. It makes good “walking around light” at night. There really aren’t many places in the living areas or outside (other than bedrooms) that the light doesn’t come on when you approach. In the long run that saves money because the light goes out when you leave.

Rope lights w/ motion sensors?


Ahh yes… and blue neon under the bed :smiley: .

Tony, rope under the toe kicks and over the uppers makes a very good soft light for walking around at night. That is certainly all you need for nature’s call or rehydrating afterwards.
Rope is only listed for cord and plug connerct so receptacles are required

I have done a few over the cabinets for atmosphere lighting…we do just that switch a receptacle above the cabinet and looks rather nice.

I like the Sensor deal Greg…I might try that for the kitchen since at night we are only in their for a glass of water or something…and I like techie things.

I did install them on a large 12,000 sq ft house with all glass front…because their was no place to put the switch to the foyer so I oc.sensored it and worked rather nice.

Amazing how we do so much for other people but then forget to use it on our own houses…atleast I do anyway.

So does the sensor plug into the receptacle and the rope plugs into the sensor? I like it.


They do have the sensors like that…most certainly. The ones I have used actually go on the switch box and act just like a switch.

I have an assortment of different detectors. The one that lights the kitchen, dining and living room is a regular 240 degree motion head you might use outside, simply because of the area covered. It can “see” the whole area.

The others in the house are device type occupancy sensors.