QOD for 2/14/2006 New Construction

Hi to all,

sorry about posting a QOD so late, but had a busy day.



New Girl friend??:smiley:

Todd if you had went to the convention you would have meet her.

From what I understand Gerry has a small harem going down there in Clearwater.:cool:

You know whats odd? Here in AZ we have tons of homes with no lighting at all in the bedrooms. They get away with it by haveing a switched recep. in the room. I think that sucks.

Todd–not only in AZ, but in OH, IND, KY, and all other states.

No ceiling light–plug in a table lamp by the bed. It’s easier to
turn off without getting out of bed.

Well, if that’s the case this question is nuts( as is the code). I feel that the switch by the door should turn on some light without haveing to add one yourself.

However, I see your point, but the question is… ALL habitable rooms** must **have.
If the house is not occupied does it fit this ideal??


Excellent ? Gerry.:smiley:

Who said it was small, I’ll sue :mrgreen:



nope…I think Gerry went out and had a PINT…or TWO…lol

I am pretty sure “lighting” refers to windows:)

Good question, but we are not too fond of rooms with heating here.:wink: :roll:

i think the word ''lighting" should be replaced with “light receptical” because if the outlet is powered off a light switch, then that outlet is now a light receptical. right?

only if you spell…Receptacle correctly…:slight_smile:

you can’t make me…neener neener neener.

You Electrician Hater…:slight_smile:

I am not. in fact i have an uncle, and several good friends that are electricians, and i think one of them told me i could miss spell if i want to. so there PAUL. and oh ya one more thing, pppttttpppttttppptptptptptptpt!!!

Sparky Hater…As a Member of the Elite Electricians Guild…I revoke your uncle and your friends license…have their people call my people…:slight_smile:

Hi to all,

The correct answer to this is closets

All spaces also require light, however not nesessarily fixed luminaires.



oh man. my uncle gonna be PISSED. boy i did it now, why didn’t you tell me you roll like that? i mean realy, the Elite Electricians Guild? I had no idea, i’m sooooooooo sorry. can you find it in your heart to forgive me? well you’ll be getting a call from my uncles people soon…and one from my executioner. Just do me one last favor, what ever my executioner says, DON’T SIGN ANYTHING.