Recognize Veterans

Does InterNACHI recognize it’s Veterans for their service? Maybe Nick can give us some free brochures or something?



SPC. Michael Wayne Altizer
Specialist (E-4) United States Army
Combat Medic
“They call me Doc”.

Nothing from Nick. I thought it was a great idea…:slight_smile: Any other Veterans out there that want to encourage some from stuff? Was hoping some of the CMI’s would be veterans and comment back saying they like to be recognized as well.

Any fellow Marines out there?

U.S Army
76 Delta - Quarter Master / Material Supply


Not a Marine but I put a bunch of them back together
Navy Corpsman HM2 1974-82

I’m a Marine, but Nick has helped me so much I’m not going to ask for more. He does so much for all members, that I personally don’t feel that veterans need more from him.

Just my opinion. I hope that doesn’t offend you.

Hey Juan - not at all. Semper Fi !!!

1987 Ft Riley Ks. 19 Kilo, M1 tanker. US Army

I agree with Juan Jimenez, Nick has helped me out as well. I’m proud to be an InterNACHI member, just as I am proud to have served as a soldier in both the United States Army and the Virginia Defense Force. I would also like to thank all who have served (regardless of the branch).

Nick Gromicko himself is a proud veteran of the United States Army, if I am correct.

Sgt. Frank M Carrio
First Special Forces Group {Airborne} First Special Forces {a.k.a. the Green Berets}
Special Action Force Asia {SAFASIA}
1967, 1968

Jan. 1969 - June 1969
HHB Div. Arty, 101st Airborne
I-Corp Viet Nam

I was never a Mareen:|.):-k Maureen:|.), Mawreene#-o,…… but…… I was a “Grunt” in Vietnam;-)

Once again I was not a Marine but…. As a Vietnam Veteran I thought I would post this article about a former Marine for ALL of our fellow veterans to read.

I’m also a CMI and I am enclosing a link so you can see a photo of the night Nick presented it to me.
In 2007 I had written a “home inspectors licensing bill” and we had three members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives attend our meeting.

Here is a link where I ran for office {New Hampshire House of Representatives}. I ran on “name recognition alone” without putting up a single sign! Needless to say… I lost!
{I lost my 20 votes and…… I will not make that mistake again}

I’m also enclosing some other links pertaining to “Veterans”. From “Day One” Nick has always “had our back”!

If you think that “we as Americans” do not honor our veterans please read the following…

Nick/InterNachi provides a lot of “free” benefits not only to our fellow veterans but to ALL dues paying members! Here are but a few [FONT=Wingdings]J[/FONT]

[/FONT]Inspector Membership Benefits
InterNACHI provides $75,000.00 worth of benefits to its members at no charge (no, you’re not dreaming):

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Enter InterNACHI’s Super Deals section (for members only).

So…… Take it from an old Vietnam Veteran/Combat Veteran/Green Beret…. Nick Gromicko “Has Our Back”!:nachi:

InterNACHI can’t, but I will gladly pay (out of my own pocket) to ship any veteran or fireman a full case of “Now that You’ve Had a Home Inspection” books for free. This personal offer is good through the end of May 2014. If you are a veteran or fireman, just email me at with your shipping address and a request for the free case of books that will definitely help your inspection business.

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I went to give you a sincere and heartfelt… :nachi:THANK YOU:nachi: … for all that you do for not only for your “dues paying members” but… For the ENTIRE home inspection industry!

Once Again you have demonstrated that you have our {Veterans} backs:p

Warmest Regards, Frank

Man Frank… after reading your post I’m lost for words at the moment… You really put things into perspective !!! Guess sometimes it just takes someone like you to point out all the GREAT things Nick and InterNACHI does for it’s members.

I am proud to be a Veteran and to have served my Country.

But after reading all your comments and links I just cannot come to asking Nick for ANYTHING else !!!

Nick I appreciate your offer - sounds like you are a Veteran as well.

Welcome to the family!:smiley:

You will find that InterNachi is THE FINEST Home Inspection Association bar none!

“Our” [size=3]InterNachi [/size]staff is so technically proficient and so professional that I am truly “At a Loss for Words”!

You will find that when it comes to “technical issues/technical questions” that this message board far surpasses any and all message boards in this industry! We have some extremely knowledgeable and “technically proficient” [size=3]InterNachi [/size]members who can truly be called experts who help their fellow members with technical issues without any hesitation!

As you see by the PARTIAL and INCOMPLETE list that I supplied there is no other Home Inspectors Association that even comes close to matching what Nick/InterNachi provides not only for its “dues paying members” but… For the HI industry as well!

I only ask one thing if you… When you see the whining, complaining, finger-pointing “message board trolls” attacking Nick for no other reason than… “just because they can”… I would ask you to remind them of what a GREAT Home Inspectors Association that they belong to!

Once again… Welcome to the Family:nachi:

Regards, Frank

I’m not a veteran, went through ROTC though and then worked for a military contractor. Reminder, my offer is open to fireman as well as they risk their lives to save us.

I appreciate this gesture. As a veteran, I thank you. It means a lot to me and others who have served their country.


Thank you Frank for the warm welcome. Yes I have noticed on the message board that sometimes there are some out spoken individuals. As a new member I try to get on the forum at least 2 or 3 times a day. I already received some great help over the weekend - thanks to those that helped answer my questions.

As a “newbie” I didn’t feel like it was my place to jump into any of the issues I have seen. And so far I have not come across any that were pertaining to attacking InterNACHI or Nick - and honestly I hope I don’t. But rest assure after what you have said if I do I’ll jump in there and remind them as you have noted - **“what a GREAT Home Inspectors Association that they belong to!” **

But I can say the few posts that I have done I have received nothing but great advise and help. I try not to take things too seriously and will be the first to admit when I am wrong. I can see Frank that you are on your 10 years of being a member of InterNACHI and congrats on that !! I forgot to mention (think I was humble at the time) how funny it was when you were trying to spell/say Marine.

Thank you for your service and to all other fellow InterNACHI members that served.

THANK YOU Nick for the great offer - spending your own money is such a GREAT gesture !!! Just one more reason I am glad that I joined such an elite group !!!

As a Vietnam veteran I receive a magazine called “Vietnam Magazine”. In that magazine there is a section that sells “T-shirts” for different services i.e. Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

One of the Marine Corps T-shirts had a slogan on it that said; "

I am a Mareen(:{, Maureen(8\), Mawreene](*,),…… “Grunt”:|.)
I and all of my Marine Corps buddies but it was hilarious\:D/

Regards, Frank

From one to all the rest, Thanks all vets!

Well said Juan!
U.S. Army 82nd ABN DIV