What do you guys use?

I guess its a sign of getting older,…:roll: Im having trouble distiguishing between 14 and 12 guage wires now,… next it will be my hearing and my wife already says im hard of hearing, though I prefer selective hearing :mrgreen: ANYWAYS. I know there are wire guages I can use though I dread sticking anything into a open electrical panel,… I figured Id ask what you guys do, or use that is pretty safe and effective when it comes to determining wire over current or wire to breaker sizing. THANKS!

I made a “key” made out of a 2 inch segments of wires, from 14 gauge on up. I even labled each wire so that it has guage, and recommended breaker amperage on it. I soldered a small ring on the end of the wire, and put it all on a big key ring. If I need to determine guage, I just look at my key and compare the sizes.

Works for me…:mrgreen:

I tried using the plastic card that is made for this purpose. It’s a waste of money, especially since you have to stick your hand into the panel to use it:shock:, and hope that there is enough wire exposed to place the end of the card over it.

Not to mention the cards tend to LIE a bit when you are dealing with different thicknesses of insulation.

I agree with Mike…go to a local supply house and buy the following:

6"(inches) pieces of the following:

1/0 AWG CU
2/0 AWG CU
4 AWG CU- SOLID ( You can make an eyelet on the end for these )
6AWG CU- SOLID ( You can make an eyelet on the end for these )

ON all the solid ones…you just make an round eyelet on the end and for the stranded larger ones…screw a small eyelet like for holding pictures up in the end of the stranded wire…

Put them all on a ring like a large keychain and label them all for reference…and just get used to looking at them…getting a feel for them and so on…it may assist you.

6’? That’s a big keychain!

Thanks guys,… good ideas

I got my “references” (ie. wire samples) from an electrician friend at no charge.

I wear prescription Verilux eyewear, not the blind inspector, just require vision correction. These handle distance and reading.
I aso have a plastic cased 30x loupe for EIFS inspections and found this which might suit your needs. Whatever you decide make sure it won’t carry current.


lol…well loop it on a piece of 12AWG and twist the ends to make a loop…l…it’s only for reference. :slight_smile:

Paul, why would we want 6 feet (6’) of each??

lol…opps…6"…lol…you know us guys…we think EVERYTHING is bigger than it really is…lol…sorry for the typo…lol

:pPaul, what is opps? …lol:p

Have a great day.:slight_smile:

That is the easiest mistake to make - good point Paul - :slight_smile:

Also. if in doubt and they are not visible at the breaker, eye them up to the outside of the panel and read the Romex to verify.

Damnit!!! I just got back from the hardware store with 6 feet of everything,… :roll:
Just teasing you Paul! ha ha. I figured you ment 6 inch the first time. ALL good ideas,… thanks to everyone for their input. I may try them all. Cant hurt. You guys rock.

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