Recommend a Good *.dbx repair tool Microsoft Outlook expres

This is a follow on to a previous post. Basically I reformated and reinstalled an os xp (quick format) and later found out that there were required outlook express 6.0 mail files *.dbx on the hard drive. I have used get databack to restore the *.dbx files which was ok they seem to be the correct files going by the names of them but they were stored in temp folders temp internet files etc. So i recovered anyway and tried to import them into outlook express which will not recognise them. So I have began looking for a dbx repair tool i have tried advanced outlook express repair tool it says it recovers the messages but they are all 1 kb and nothing in them it succesifully recovered 3 messages properly. Can anyone recommend other repair tools that i could use to repair ?

I had the same problem.
Here is how I solved it.