recommendations for microbial growth on floor joist in crawl space

Hello, new to the site.

The question is, what should I recommend be done for microbial growth on the floor joist in the crawl space. "Recommend further evaluation from a licensed blah, blah, blah…

I’m at a lost for words. Thanks guys.

How about further investigation and evaluation by a qualified environmental specialist, industrial hygienist, and/or mold testing laboratory.

thanks robert. I having problems thinking today. Must have been those spores entering my lungs this morning…:roll: forgot my mask.

How much is too much fungi? The light dusty stuff–do you call this out for remediation?


The “light, dusty stuff” can easily be Aspergillus/Penicillium or other molds that can be a health hazard. Even as a mold inpspector, I don’t try to determine what the type of mold it is. Doing so is unprofessional and will eventually make a fool out of you. Even Stachybotrys (the one that gets the name black mold) can appear different colors.
It is best to have a CERTIFIED mold inspector come out and take samples that are sent to a lab that specializes in microbial testing.
Only a few states have requirements for certification, so please make sure that any inspector and/or remediator is properly trained.
There are a lot of hacks out there who don’t have a clue what they’re doing, especially in remediation.
Look for IICRC S-520 Standard Cerification

  1. If it’s mold, it’s a red flag for excessive moisture levels in what ever material it’s on. The first order of business is to make an effort to identify the source of moisture.
  2. If you can’t spot it, recommend someone who can.
  3. Tell the client that once the source of moisture is gone, the health threat is gone too.
  4. If it looks like there’s a lot of mold and a chance that moisture problems might return, recommend an industrial hygienist as a specialist, not a home inspector who took a 3 day course and is aggressive in his marketing, trying to terrify people and make up dangers where few or none exist.