A field of fungus among us

Here’s today’s crawl space find. A nice field of these growing. Was kinda neat! :slight_smile:



Very pretty Thanks Bill . Roy cooke sr


Did you take some home and sautee’d over the grill?
Good job on pick up of the farm. Vegetable right??

Marcel :wink: LOL

Naw… they were too neat to saute

Besides, I don’t think they would have survived me picking them.:slight_smile:

I haven’t had any good “spikes” for years come to speak of it.

And your HI Report relected…


Here is some of what was included in the report:

As well as addressed the numerous water and moisture intrusion problems.

“A field of fungus among us.” I appreciate the illiteration and the rhyme, but I’m going to report you to the protocol police for using the word “fungus.” The protocol police want inspectors to defer to a specialist for evaluation of, “a biological organism of unknown origin.”

Guilty as charged…:mrgreen:

Dang them’s purty words!:stuck_out_tongue: