Red clay foundation blocks?

Back in the 50’s and 60’s they sometimes built foundations out of reddish clay block. Anyone remember the name of those? I’m also looking for a photograph of one for the log home course.

The ones I saw where only used on interior walls of Hotels and office building
They where fire clay and very fragile Hard to drill so we used to put the round part of a ballpean hammer against the tile and Hit the hammer with another hammer.
When you got good you had a 1/2 inch hole to use a toggle bolt to support our conduit.
The tiles where 6 inch thick and 12 by 12 square.
Sorry no pictures have not seen them in 40 years .

Terra-cotta is the name you’re looking for.

Go here:

Thanks Richard ,
Sure brings back memories.
I think this is what Kenton is what is looking for .
This BB is fantastic … Cookie

Thanks Richard and Roy. Not really that clear, but I ound these photos from one I did last spring…

Yep, that’s the stuff. Google “terra-cotta block” and you might find even more pics.

The National Park Service Technical Preservations Services offers information on inspecting terra cotta. Basically says to disclaim it.

They look similar to D’Hanis bricks / blocks made in D’Hanis, Texas, still today. Lots of older homes in the area constructed with them.

I don’t have a pic, Kenton.
Can take and include tomorrow if you still need it.

Thanks for offering Linda, it would be nice to get pictures of a few that weren’t painted, they’re a little hard to see in my pictures, but there’s no rush.

I will see what I can photograph in the next couple of days.

Kenton, I sent the pics to your email.

Got 'em, thanks Linda!

Is there an R-Factor estimate or range for red terra cotta foundation blocks?