blocks or bricks?

This is a detached garage for a home built in 1912.

I’m not sure what to call these blocks. They are hollow and seem like a ceramic material.

Anybody know what they are?

601 Brown Street-Rodgers 099.JPG

601 Brown Street-Rodgers 099.JPG

601 Brown Street-Rodgers 100.JPG

Although I’ve never seen that design on the outside, they look like “glazed” structural terra cotta block:

Larry has it, clay terra cotta foundation blocks.

What’d you do, hit it with a hammer? :stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t seen those in awhile

lol. There were several of these holes in the garage. Huge set of pull down oak stairs to an upstairs storage area. They had a 10"x8" counter weight and pulley system. I wasn’t strong enough to push that little weight up to allow the right side of the steps to touch the floor! and the exterior person door was “self closing” with a weight and pulley system as well.

People in that ere were innovative indeed!

601 Brown Street-Rodgers 096.JPG

It seems more and more people are losing creativity for sure :frowning: