Referral Fee to fellow inspecotors?

Need advice. When I go out of town for extended periods (every year) I want to continue to receive calls but refer my clients to another inspector in my home area. Is it appropriate to ask for a referral fee (to cover advertising etc) and what is fair?
Thanks for your comments.


I’m going to Tokyo in three weeks. Brian Kelly, a good inspector here will do all my inspections hopefully while I’m gone.

I would be more than happy to pay him extra to take care of regular customers, so I wouldn’t think asking for money in return would be a good idea…or would I do it.


I have arrangements with 3 local guys whom I know well and who are not “hungry” to keep my clients. I provide them with my Company Shirts and they agree to use my Company Mags on their vehicles.

Needless to say their work ethic is of most importance to me.

I have done it three ways, the latter seems to have worked the best for me:

  1. Forward calls to the individual…for that week they answer “Inspections, how may I help you”…they then gather all the info and prior to hanging up they have determined who referred them or how they heard about “us”…they also ask if the caller has used “us” before and which Inspector did the service.

  2. Forward calls to a HI Answering Service…although there is no question the call is for me…this has never really worked because the services seem to “read a script…stumble with my Company Name…or simply not be a Inspector themselves with a ‘will tommorow or wednesday in the am be best for you’ attitude”

  3. I take the calls on vacation. This way I sell the jobs and then forward the number and info via Text Message to the inspectors who call and confirm the inspection and time.

As far as “splits” are concerned…you will need to determine what is fair…after all you get the client and all future business and the inspector has to sweat and write the report. What I found is best is thinking what you would be comfortable with if your buddy asked you to do the same for them.

Hope this helps.

I have a couple of guys who do inspections for me when I can’t.

I don’t ask for anything more than them thinking of me when THEY are unavailable.