Referral Fees from Insurance Agents

I am wondering if it is against the code of ethics for an inspector to receive a referral fee from an insurance agent?

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I am wondering why the insurance agent would pay you a referral fee.

the referral fee is for client referrals

In my book, yes.

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Where are you located as that may play a part in any answer?

I refer my customers to all sorts of other companies but would never dream of collecting a fee for it. I send my customers to people I trust and know will have their best interests in mind, not the highest bidder. In the end they send me customers too, sometimes the long money is a much better prospect than the quick dollar.

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I would say yes, too.

Not only against the code of ethics but not a good business decision either.

I appreciate the feedback. Does anyone have a reference to the code of ethics specifically? Thank you.