Referral Gone Bad

I’m about Half way through my second year doing home inspections and last week one of my regular agents asked me to inspect a Log Home. Log homes are not common in my area and I felt ill-prepared to do a quality inspection. So I referred her to a local inspector who has been around a long time, I actually used to send him business back when I was an Insurance Agent.

Sadly it did not go well, the inspectors wife came along and spent her time questioning the agent about my reports, how much I charge, how many does she send me etc. Went on to the point the agent felt uncomfortable. Worse than all that after waiting several days for the report they sent her a 3 page inspection report with no photos very little information. Needless to say she was not happy and neither was her client.
Guess I’m just venting, thanks for listening lol.

That sounds like a real bust…But a lesson learned.

Maybe you can find a qualified inspector or inspectors and converse withe that you would like to send over flow there way and would like to see on of their reports, for verification…just an idea.

Here are the links for CMIs and CPIs:

Here is the link for CMIs:

And the link for CPIs:

You might develop a mutual referral relationship.

When I was inspecting,I had at least 2-3 the I felt comfortable referring out.

Just a thought…


Wow what a bummer.
How dare all the questions about you & your reports.
And then on top of that a CRAP three pager with no pics.

I would monitor the deal & wait 'till it (hopefully) closes.
Then I’d pick up the phone & tell the inspector the embarrassment he caused from both himself & wifey.
However the conversation ends, the message here is goodbye forever.

ps… you’re not in Montreal are you.

No I’m located in Florida. The deal fell through due to other circumstances. Fortunately the realtor didn’t blame me and has continued to send me work. She said she respected what I was trying to do for her client who just happened to be a Mortgage loan officer with 30+yrs experience, and she just sent me a client Monday. I think I’m just going to leave it alone but I do need to find someone I can trust to at least provide a quality Report that’s not going to make me look bad.


AOK Robert.
If you do not mind, what location. I may know someone accurate & reliable. :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks Marc,

I’m in Lakeland, do work in Central Fl mostly Polk county.

Md Uddin (Nasir)

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Sounds kind of similar to my recent post about a inspector I had help me with a radon test. Came in and completely took over verbally acting like a instructor to me. Proceeded to upsell the customer and talked for over an hr to point it was uncomfortable for everyone. Great learning day today

Thank you Marc I will keep him in mind.

Ohhh man that would be frustrating. But you’re right learn something new every day.

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As a rule, I do not give out referrals. I will not set myself up for a negligent referral lawsuit. If one does feel compelled to give referrals, I believe it should be a list of three or more entities and the party can then sort out for themselves who to hire. About log home inspections: I recently completed the InterNACHI Log Home Inspections course and now I am better qualified to inspect said homes. Check it out. It may be helpful for you if log home inspections are something you will encounter again.

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Thank you for the input those are good suggestions.