Who inspects appliances? Which ones? What is your deciding factor(s)?

Parker, Colorado Home Inspector

I inspect/test built-in appliances only (those that are likely to stay with the home). i.e. dishwasher, built-in microwave, trash compactor, oven or counter-top range. Also, I test the built-in radiant heaters in bathrooms. The SOP says I do not have to but I want my client to know what does and doesn’t work.

Thank you for the input. What about refrigerators and washer/dryers etc. if they are staying with the house?

Ditto. :smiley:

If they’re part of the transaction, I do.

As a rule, i do not inspect ‘free-standing’ appliances such as fridge, washer or dryer. I do look at their water and electrical hook-ups and the dryer venting.

I inspect everything being left in the home. My client needs to know if they are working or not. I’m not one to leave my clients high and dry sort of speak. A new fridge for instance could be a couple thousand dollars.

And how exactly do you inspect said fridge that is plugged in but turned OFF, or turned ON but at lowest setting? Opening the door to see a light on? Turning it ON and hearing ‘noises’ so you assume it will actually operate as intended? Turn up the temp setting and return the next day to verify it reached proper operating temps… and is holding them? Curious minds want to know.

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The refrigerator was not tested (unplugged). A refrigerator needs to be running a minimum of 24 hours to verify proper operation.

Be nice to him. He doesn’t understand disclaiming items when there is good reason to disclaim them.

As for the original question, I have a statement in my report that goes like this…
“Even though Indiana SOP does not require inspecting appliances, this report includes some kitchen appliances. Any appliance not mentioned was not inspected or operated. Scope of the appliance test is very basic. Not every function or setting is tested. There is a possibility that the appliance may work for one setting, but not another. Thermostats, timers, and other specialized features and controls are not tested. The temperature calibration, functionality of timers, effectiveness, efficiency, and overall performance of appliances is outside the scope of this inspection.”

If I test/inspect an appliance, then I say, “The disposal was operable.” Or “The disposal was inoperable.” If it was not tested/inspected, then the report will not say anything.

In other words, I turn on the stove and if the burners get red/hot, then it works.

Also, I do not test the trash compactor. I’m not carrying around a rolled up newspaper to test an appliance that virtually no one uses.

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Fridge was turned on for at least 24 hours as the home was vacant.
Temp setting were turned to low as the home was vacant.

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So… half a dozen posts/replies by those claiming to inspect refridgerators, and nobody has been able to explain how they do so.



I shoot the friggin’ thing with my thermometer.
The fridge should be below 40 and the freezer 0.
The ideal temperature range for the fridge should be 35 to 38 deg.
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