Reinspection of same house

I have a great referral agent that’s wants me to inspect a home she is buying, I inspected the same home 6 months ago. I will let her know about my prior inspection but was wondering , If asked, can I give her the name of the previous buyers Agent?

I assume she is an agent herself, If it was me…I would not say anything and just go do the inspection as though it was for the first time. A lot can change in 6 months and you might find things you missed the first time and you do not want the question, “Why didn’t you find that the first time?”

Don’t say a word just do it like you were never there. Things may have changed.

I agree with both the above posts

Yes that info is public record.

I would share that I inspected previously, but I would do the inspecton just the same as the first time. If they are a realtor, they can find who the previous agent was.