Same house inspection 2 months later

I’m getting calls about doing the same house inspection that I completed 2 months ago, what does everyone do when this happens . The only problem that I can see happening is sometimes sellers make repairs based off of a previous report and then I go in and write some issues up again that have been repaired already. I guess I can use my report as a check list to see what has been fixed.

Full inspection. I read over my previous report and keep that in the back of my mind.
A lot can change in 2 months.
Just Saturday evening in my house while doing dishes I turned the water off and 20 seconds later when I turned it on no water came out. Happens that quick.


I agree with David. I had this happen last week, looked over my previous report and a lot was repaired. You are charging the same fee, do it like you haven’t been there before or you will make a mistake.


Agree, new day/new inspection.


Full inspection and smile on the way to the bank. :joy: :rofl:


Lucky guy!
Same fee. Looking forward to working on your behalf.

Hey Sam,

I would do it over again from scratch.
Too many conditions change (especially in 2 months).
I’ve only had this happen a couple times, more frequently I have inspected the house next door or across the street from one I’ve done before.

Good luck!


I’ve heard of realtors telling their buyers to call the previous buyers to see if they would sell them the inspection report when a deal has fell through. One guy called me about 2 weeks after I completed an inspection on a house and told me he had purchased the report for $150 from the 1st buyers and wanted to go over the report with me, I just laughed at him and said sorry I have no obligation to you.


That’s a little different than what you said before or at least my interpretation of what you said :wink:. Anyway, yes I’ve had past clients sell their reports to new buyer’s. The new buyer’s should know that nothing is “binding”, as they didn’t sign the contract.

Perfect answer

No issue here. New client new inspection, just review your old report so you don’t overlook anything.

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My fastest time between doing the same house twice was 4 days, I did the first one on a Wednesday and went back that Saturday for a different buyer. Same fee for both.


I have a disclaimer in the top of my reports telling people that it was drafted for the client only and is not transferable per Nachi recommendation. It amazes me that the agent is telling clients this. I would complain to their broker…I wonder if they know the agent is doing that

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As a buyer, I once hired an inspector for a property that I walked away from. A few weeks later, the inspector emailed me saying a new buyer wanted access to the report I had paid for, but that he wouldn’t share it without my consent. I asked him to refer the buyer to me and if the guy was a jerk, I wouldn’t authorize it. The new buyer and I spoke and I wrote an email to the inspector saying I had no objection to him doing whatever he wanted to do with the report.

A lot can certainly change. I inspected a house in July and again in September. The second time Hunter Biden was shacked up with some hot chick in the bonus room over the carport

Inspect it as you would any home. I’ve done the same house 2 times in the same week, and I found more things to put in the report.

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An important thing to remember is if you missed something the second user of your report has no recourse against you and your E & O likely will not pay them for any loss. My reports clearly state in first line that… “This inspection and report are for the specific use of “client” and no others.” If they or their agent call to discuss report with me I only discuss the fact that they are not protected by my E & O should I have missed something. That info usually will get agents to stop passing report along to others if deal falls out and agent realizes they will get to stand in front of the judge alone.

Treat it like a new inspection request!

Disclose to your client that you have inspected the property in the past. Make sure to time stamp your photos, I had an agent say I used the same photos from the previous inspection 6 months prior on the same property. My time stamped photos as well as as the apparent different seasons proved her wrong. But like everyone else has stated you should treat it like a house you have never stepped foot in before.