Rental inspection agreement

Does anyone know where I may be able to find an agreement for inspecting rental properties?

I want it stated that this is not a home inspection and I will not be adhering to internachi’s SOP.


Why not use the original agreement with an additional “Exclusions” section? Kills two birds in that you don’t really need to re-write an agreement, other than adding exclusions, and it makes it clear what you will not be doing.


Here is a good thread, with another thread inside. Apparently, you need to draw up your own scope of work approved by your customer.

Apparently that is his thread also. Guess he didn’t get the answer he was looking for.


I use the InterNACHI residential PIA.
Hope that helps.

Well… one usually gets what they give around here!

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Yes that was my original topic. I was originally wondering about the legalities of taking on rental inspections which was answered in that thread.

When I decided to go ahead with doing these inspections I was struggling on how to go about making an agreement but I appreciate the thought of adding an exclusions section on the normal SOP. That answers my question thank you