Repair, Replace, or Monitor

Check the photo and vote :smiley:

Old guys, repair it, young guys, replace it, realtors, twist it open, twist it shut till it breaks. :stuck_out_tongue:

John Kogel

Because the guy spilled stucco? :slight_smile:


I don’t usually use the “repair, replace, or monitor” language. Rather, I usually say it “needs service” or “needs a further evaluation by a specialist”. I usually leave the decision about whether a repair or replacement is warranted to a licensed contractor.

In this case, I’d say something like “the valve has corrosion may have sealed itself, but should be evaluated by a licensed plumbing contractor and serviced as deemed necessary.”

LOL that was a trick! quick look i said replace second look clean Mortar off check for leak. Good one

It is not Mortar Wayne. Here is hint, I would not even touch that valve unless I had another one with me and a torch nearby. :D:D

Your kidding well replace for sure from the picture it looked like mortar had been dropped on it . If it has been leaking the long it is time to go

I leave it to the contractor and simply recommend that a qualified plumber be hired to repair or replace, as necessary.

I used to let those things self heal all the time.
Looks good to me.:slight_smile:

Cough cough…of course I was just kidding.

Hope the ground wire is on both sides Did it taste like mold?

You would know what Mold tastes like ,wouldn’t you Chris

Exactly what I would have said…well, pretty close, anyway…or…sort of??

Hmmm, I would have said something like that.;):wink:

“Repair” with close to same verbage as above… even though It’s going to evolve into a ball valve if a plumber looks at it…

Oh… don’t forget to scrape the minerals off as we need them in our daily diet

I recommended repair by a plumber on this one, and verbally mentioned a ball valve.

I personally would have no trouble telling a client to replace that valve though either. :smiley:

I was going to state the same.

It’s not that expensive to replace a shut-off.