RepairPricer Website

Anyone familiar with this website and their services?

If so, any feedback?

nope, have not heard of them.

Do you know what the cost is?

Pre-listinginspections from $99
Find out potential problems with your home BEFORE youput it on the market. Homes that

I don’t know. That’s what I want to know too. I wanted to try and get feedback here first before I contacted them. I’ll send them an email and let you know.

EDIT: In the meantime, I found this:

Pricing repairs is the larger part of what I do. I charge between $400- $1000 up to $100,000 in repairs. It pays well.

For this, I provide local area pricing based on historical numbers. What makes my service work better I think is I get to see the home because after all, a window replacement will have different pricing depending on location, materials, siding and interior finishes.

I think I’ll try that service out just to see how good my competition is.

Just to give you an idea, scroll halfway down the page to see a sample report:


I think that looks pretty good. A lite version of what I provide.

I see value in this report.

The best way to meet a competitors :slight_smile: Let us know what you when you will try them.

No Address; No Phone Number ???

Can You Raise Your Fees Enough to Cover That Service???

Will Your Clients Be Willing to Pay the Extra $$$$$$

How Do They Decide What to Price Out?? Not all inspectors use a Summary Page and EVERY issue an inspector talks about is not a summary page item

Andrew, the biggest difference between what you do and what I do is I provide better detail.
You have: Remove and replace steps $1400.00
I have: West elevation, remove and replace 4 concrete steps to grade, install iron handrail. Materials $640.00/ Labor $760.00/ TOTAL: $1400.00

The weakness of your service is you don’t see the big picture, I assume you base pricing on specific photos. Good enough for a range maybe, but I get to talk to the people and can find out they want a Trane furnace which is more expensive than a Goodman furnace.

Other than that it looks good for people wanting a ballpark. Easy to read and clean.

The link that Paul Lesieur put on here was for a company in DFW that says on their web site that they use this group ( Greenworks Inspections ). Their web site is filled with iNACHI logos AND they have the TPEIA logo on there also

I called identified myself as another iNACHI inspector from Kansas City that had seen the **RepairPricer **web site which has no contact info other than a email box, etc AND asked the lady at **Greenworks **if I could leave a number and ask one of the inspectors, etc to call me with their thoughts on RepairPricer, etc

The lady gave what I’d call a soft shoe shuffle and did not even want to take a number or leave a message. Also over the course of the conversation she gave me 2 different names for herself. Have not learned anything about the group called RepairPricer although I’ve emailed them twice now with an email address and phone number for me.

I did have a polite guy with a funny accent (australian or something sounding like that) call and say he’d email me info … Never heard back.

Think I’d skip RepairPricer AND for the home inspection group in Dallas
**(Greenworks Inspections ) **they come off sounding as a duck & dodge group (or maybe its just their answering service).

I think there is a market for a Gold standard inspection package to include the

Inspection Report
Costs analysis and more.

I see no reason careful buyers would not purchase a $1000- $1500 complete inspection package.

The clients are out there, you just need to market to them.
If I was younger that would be my goal, $1000 plus home inspections for average size homes.

Looks like $20 a report. This seems to me to be a good tool for the aggressive buyers agent that actually wants to help his client negotiate the best deal possible, also it seems to me that there could be issues with confidentiality and liability. I like it though–but as I said I think there are potential land mines utilizing this service if not done right.

I saw that reports start at $59.95

Where does it say $20

I used their form for more info as a reseller, they emailed back–19.99 cost per report. I think the 59.99 is retail.

Thanks, did not know that.