Porch Repair Estimate Report

(John Harrison, CMI) #1

Anyone using this Porch Repair Estimate? What do you think about it?
I just received a notification that this has been in place and running for a year, first I have heard of it.
At the moment my only issue with it is why would I pay Porch $40 and provide a lead to them.
any company that I contact regarding inspection leads want me to pay them for every lead that they provide, they never offer to pay me.

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #2

Funny how that works.

(Ian W. Mayer, CMI) #3

Using Porch is like a Taxi driver promoting Uber.

(William B. Ogletree, TREC License #22530) #4

I use a service call Repairpricer (repairpricer.com). They take a PDF of the inspection report and provide itemized estimates for the repairs “Within 24 hours or it is free”. They normally charge $59 for the service, but I can give my clients my discount code and they can get it for $20. I get a lot of good feedback from my clients who have used it.

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #5

@wogletree do they also perform the repairs? Guarantee the estimate? Have your clients been happy with it?

(Michael Musgrave, CMI) #6

Just a word of advice to everybody. Stay as far away from Porch as you can. They DO contact (stalk) your clients. Their 90 day guarantee is not worth the digital paper it is written on. I had my first claim and they want me to send them an email stating that I did miss a water leak (it was behind a wall) so that the claim could be paid for. Talk about trowing the inspector under the bus. RWS & Porch one in the same as far as I’m concerned.