Repertory Problems

I had a person write me with the following question. Does anyone have any suggestions.?

Too many variables John.

Filter condition/age.

Possible filter bypass.

Duckwork condition and joint sealing.

Local air conditions(construction dust etc.)

Windows open allowing dust in.

More I’m sure.

P.S. what does have to do with the theatre?:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Michael,
In the Canadian Members section, Bill Mullen posted info for the Carrier Class action that is taking place for high efficiency furnaces. Maybe that will have an answer for you.

Sorry John,
You’ve probably been called lots of things but not Michael. Too much rushing around for me this AM.

That Carrier info is for Carrier 90 plus furnaces that were installed after 1989.

Here is a LINK with model numbers and Carrier’s warranty and replacement program for these Bryant/Payne/Carrier/Day & Night furnaces.

One suggestion would be to have a qualified HVACR technician to inspect inside the air handler. The insulation can come unglued and be sucked into the circulating fan where it can get shreaded. If you have a EPA 608 certification, you can start there. Try to get a sample of these mystery particles and send them to a lab for identification. Find out what you are dealing with and then once you know, find the possible sources.

Get an good HVAC company in there.
None of the other testing / inspections should be done till the HVAC system is evaluated as being installed and operating correctly.