Replacing a large metal lintel and post support

A large metal lintel on a porch opening was very badly rusted near the metal post in the center. The masonry and surface on the balcony above above was generally in good condition, actually worse on the other (left, as viewed from the front) side (there were porches/balconies both sides of the entrance), where the lintel was sagging and separating, but not so corroded (2nd and 3d pics). A pic of the front of the building was included to give a sense of the dimensions.

Client wants some idea how difficult and expensive this is to correct. I suggested they ask for contractor’s estimates before proceeding, but am curious myself, and also said I’d like to be there when they do their estimates.

I would think the old lintel could be supported with more posts, the edges of it trimmed to accommodate angled braces on the front and back to support the masonry, then the lintel replaced with a heavier and more corrosion resistant new lintel between the braces. Probably not extremely expensive, more expertise-intensive than anything else.

Thoughts, anyone?

20140829- 001.jpg

20140829- 234.jpg

20140829- 132_133_1_1.JPG

20140829- 290_288_1_1b.jpg