PSST Wanna see some really rusted lintels??

All from same house - it was pretty bad, probably worst i’ve seen.
I wondered how much it would cost to replace them all.

These lime stone ledges might have something to do with water coming in to the wall cavity - some of the ledges had shifted.

I do not worry about the rust all the much.
Rust, or oxidation, is corrosion that occurs when oxygen combines with metal at an atomic level.
Is the there staining on components, brick, stone or tile work?
If it becomes a costly venue to remove I might mention it.
Oxide paint will fix that up.

Why are they rusting is the bigger question that should be asked.
Is the size being effected?
If there deflection?
Are the ends bearing properly on the structure?

How did you narrative it issues if you do not mind me asking.

One of the concerns with rusting is that it expands the metal. In your photos you can clearly see some of the bricks have shifted due to the expansion of the lintels. I would not want to foot the bill for this repair.

HA I’m sorry, i thought it was clear from the pictures but yes there definitely was deflection and the stepped cracking through mortar joints at diagonal 45 or so degrees,fanning out (sometimes downwards) from top corners -

I called out the flaking, swollen and extremely rusted steel lintels, pointed out the bowing and cracks/shifting of masonry.

My recommendation was to contact a professional mason to evaluate and repair, stressing it would probably be a costly job.

Good call Joseph! Did the lime stone edge even have a drip edge? Looks like some of them would even direct water into the wall cavity.

cracked mortar/masonry around openings and metal corrosion of any masonry wall system components should be commented on regardless of the stage/amount observed

very critical if/when commercial/multi-story property is being inspected

what we see is only the tip of the iceberg

Sorry Joe. I did not realize the state of the lentils was that bad.
Your first question is about $800 a piece. It depends on the work involved. A contingency over run should be expected.
Your second post. They are sills. They should have curfs to at as acapillary break.
They are the issue to the lintels oxidization.
There is definitely water, weather infiltration. vertical walled mixed material intersection is poorly bonded and I bet no flashing.
Walled intersection. you have mixed materials. The veneers brick and siding are not aligned. There is a shelf. The brick concrete sill shelf is one issue I would be inspected further. There needs to be 2 flashings. To allow the mixed materials to move independently. They will expand and contract at different ratios me suspects.

Here is on sign of torsion.
I.) One lentil is deflected under no load. A first for me. Torsion? Look at the foundation for cracking and or repairs.

2.) The lental in several photos are not normal in appearance.One has 3 ply of metal.

The other has 3 ply of metal.
Report what you observed.
SUSPECT: water, weather RH is seeping in behind the brick veneer.
RECOMMEND: A full IR on the walls that have brick veneer.
Any Foundation cracks?

Nice link Mr. Adair. Happy I came back. I must have been looking at other lentil photos when I posted. Those are the worst I have seen without a doubt.
Sorry Joe.
That is suspect condition of above normal RH between the walls.
Wish I was there.

Nope- The limestone sills were not flashed, i felt right away they were the culprit. Another overall clue was that the homes previous owner appeared to completely avoid the use of any qualified and competent professionals. I knew that as soon as i saw a makeshift “sidewalk” made with untreated wood that was warped to heck & resting in dirt.
Just a lot of DIY whyyyy??

The pyramid scheme Joe.

With the influx of home inspectors throughout North america we must position ourselves to better inform the client. The possible home buyer and more impotently the home owners. The pyramid scheme will come tumbling down.

Certain Real Estate agents are one cause. They have added a negative light to the construction trades. They boast to there clients that its nothing and this gets repeated by the average Joe that trades work is all hype and not worth the money. I will sell you home for top dollar, watch me.
It is also fact the major defects repaired by the band-aid effect do not have to be in the disclosure in most states and provinces" Me thinks."
Its repaired.
A true lie and assault to the integrity of the nations mortgage and real estate system and mostly to the buyer/owner…

As the market place will be laden with great home inspectors that not will participate in the affront home owners, lawyers will sharpen their pens if they are made aware of the affront home owners will be stuck with the DIY unsellable at any price until repaired and hopefully properly.
The USA is see what pyramid schemes can do right now.
the world was rocked.
I hope the Lessons will be remembered.