Report on Townhome?

Hi Learned Inspectors;-)

I am doing my first townhome inspection and have questions on how to write it up. I know you should (I guess) do it like any other inspection. But what about doing the report? How do you guys write up reports when the HOA would cover the outside? I use HomeGauge software, would I just check the items “inspected” with comments stating it is a townhome?
I hope I am clear on my questions.

Thanks in advance.

I guess the question would be is it a condo or a freehold townhome. If you are referring to a home owners association I would assume that the exterior of the home is going to be considered communal property. The home owner is still going to want to know if the roof is in need of replacement or repair as the HOA might levy the owners for the costs. Some HOAs have clauses stating the windows are the responsibility of the owner some do not. The HOA might also dictate the style of replacement windows and the color etc. as well as the color and quality of roofing if it is the owners responsibility to replace. All thses terms should be explained in the HOA agreement. I hope this helps.

I would write Many town house exteriors are the responsibility of the association Recommend this is confirmed as to what it is they look after. .
I do as Larry says give my normal report on roof attic insulation foundation and electrical . If the attic door needs a gasket and insulation I remind them of that and tell them that If it was my home I would do it my self . the condo Corp might get in a disagreement on who should do it and for the money saved I would not get in an argument just do it . Pay attention to Plugs and Foci’s these are frequently incorrect . Many bed rooms 1/2 plug is switched and 1/2 is hot .
Roy Cooke

Normal inspection report. Your customer still wants to know what is wrong, regardless of who is going to fix it. The selling agent will be happy to tell you what the association covers. I find many times that agents are wrong (imagine that) and a repair may be the homeowner responsibility.

Be sure to disclaim common aresa and adjoining units.

Ditto. I inspect it like any other home. Do I care who is responsible or fixes what? No. IN fact I could care less if they fix anything I discover and write up. That is not my job. I am the home inspector, nothing more, nothing less. I do not get myself embroiled in debates or negotiations between any of the other parties, though many times attempts are made to drag the HI into them. I report it all, let them fight it out as to whom fixes what.

very good advice from Siegel

Also disclaim and advise them to check the financial condition and pending
assessments of the association. They are about to “go into business” with a few hundred people by buying a unit and a lot can go wrong or already be wrong.

Do a search…I had similiar questions about a year ago…great discussion that time…

Just do your normal inspection and note in your report the parts that are covered by the HOA…

I have found that clients for these type properties are not willing to pay for the time it takes to research what the hoa covers and does not cover.
Don’t ever assume or believe what you hear, you have to get the current documents and study them. (I would not do this even for $500 extra due to the liability)

You also have to interview the hoa president and find out what assessments are coming. New roofs, new asphalt, pool repairs etc. can be over 10k per owner and the reason many owners are selling.