Report recomendations for flashing this under-door-trim?


First post here. I am a new inspector in IL and am writing the report for my second inspection.

I’m not sure how to address the wood trim piece between the bottom of the sliding door and the top of the concrete stoop. It appears that the weep hole from the sliding door track is letting water run down onto the wood trim and the wood has begun to show damage in this area.

I dont have a clear picture in my head of how to properly flash this area. I know I have a ton to learn. Hopefully I can post a picture of what I am talking about.

Anyone willing to suggest how they would write this up? And is there a formal name for the wood installed in this location?

Thank you!

When the siding was done, it should of been covered with coil stock aluminum of the same color as the siding. That is what is typically done.
That can still be accomplished anytime now, it needs to be bent and pushed under the threshold and sealed in order to stop wicking from the weep hole.

Forgot to add that the board should be replaced first and check for extent of water damage under the threshold.

I would bet that behind that white rotting kick plate board the framing is rotting.

I bet they changed the siding because of rot behind it. Maybe they replaced the rotted boards and did it right?

Call it out as apron or toe kick. Either way it’s rotted and requires replacing. Typically don’t put siding there just for that reason - getting kicked. May be simple fix (replace it with Azek), maybe not depending on if you can see the rim joist and subfloor from underneath, I would be looking at it closely for rot.

You got it Joseph…:grin:

Like I said above, once you have replaced the board and verified any further damage, it should be repaired similar to this.

What is that material under the door, Marcel?

Aluminum Coil Stock

Did you shape the wood behind it to match?

Minor rot was noted under the SGD.
That’s all I would report…
We don’t need to tell them how to correct the issue.!
We just call out the issues…Yep!
A home inspection is not supposed to be technically exhaustive.

That’s right, Roy…you good man, you. :grin:

Here you go again…
Messin’ up my bad reputation.:grinning:
It shows rot! Call it out!

That is vinyl siding.
Yes! So ! You would never see the damages until it was too late by covering it…
If it were my place I’d be glad they didn’t cover it…Yep!
In addition, I wouldn’t cut out of my aluminum trim stock roll for that…
Slap some vinyl on it.

Roy, shouldn’t we recommend a structural engineer for that? LOL

The metal is shaped to the wood behind it.

Yes! That should be in order…:grinning:

Roy, around this area where it gets cold, you use coil stock in a lot of areas, and that includes toe kicks, facias, rakes, and all the window trims. The only place you use vinyl is on the walls.

Plus, the OP was asking how it gets flashed, so I told him. Whatever way he narrates his report is up to him.
The wood is repaired before it gets covered up, and that means using a good primer of course. :smile:

Roy wouldn’t want coil stock. All his buddies wear steel toed boots.

That better, Roy?

Brother Marcel don’t you know I’m being facetious…?
And after all these years…

I’m with Joe! Call in an engineer…:innocent:
Now ! Let’s think about this for a moment…
The client walks out and steps on the rotting threshold of that SGD…Falls down three flights of stairs .
And he and/or she knocks 3 others off the stairs. And on there way down all fall on top of a brand new Lexus…Who they gonna’ blame…
The flippin’ inspector…Yep!
Just jokin, but this long shot could be possible…Huh?

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Report what you see. Rotten wood under SGD.