Report Writing Made Simple with Carson Dunlop's Alan Carson

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Alan Carson is an icon regarding home inspection and I am glad to have known him since 1987. Alan gave a 1-hour webinar about report writing and the evolution of home inspection. The key points were spot on for the young and old.

One point he made was how inspection has changed to becoming a service that has less value to the client. To summarize that, many home inspection reports are overproducing their product. Alan’s phrase “are we just swatting flies” has more truth to it than I can explain.

His presentation explains the concepts of report writing and how properly designed software can help.

I encourage everyone to listen to this when Ben puts it up for access. Alan is “top shelf” and has coast to coast experience. Study his advice and build your company with those thoughts in mind.

This not a paid endorsement. This man continues to give to home inspection as he did in 1987 when I met him at a Florida ASHI conference.

  • Keep the report simple
  • Use software to collect and place data . . . . not to navigate data.
  • Realize what your client wants . . .not what you want to give the client.

“See yall when I see ya”.