New product: Home Inspection Report-Writing Guide.

I saw a preview and it looks amazing.
Going to reread this later in order to fully absorb the different methods and how I can use this knowledge as I move forward .

My take is it is a must read

Kenton put a lot of effort into it .

Ditto and agreed. I thought this is hands down the best piece of work on the subject of report writing to date. Period.

Pick up a copy.

I am in! What is the turnaround time from order…same day? Love this stuff! Looking forward to it!

Jeff, it’s an instant PDF download, you will have it immediately to either read on your computer, or to print.

Just finished reading all of it at my local coffee shop and am inspired to go through my report templates with additional changes.

Same here. Once I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. Nice work Kenton.

Will this be coming out in print any time soon?

Jeff you can print it out yourself .
Just download it .

I like binded format but after looking at the number of pages a download will work. Thanks Bob.

Yeah its under 50.
Client printed out my 81 page ranch home report yesterday.

Reminds me I gotta go get more cartridges and most likely need a loan.$$$ :slight_smile:

Personally I like PDF style and can read it from any device .
Think the only stuff I read in print are bills and newspaper.

Downloaded it this morning, GREAT WORK !

Excellent work Kenton!

Just downloaded, it looks great.

Please take it down, I do not need my competition reading this.

Nice job Kenton. :slight_smile:

Just Bought it
TY Kenton
I’m looking forward to digesting every word tomorrow morning with a fresh coffee.

I couldn’t sleep ,woke up at 3am and read the pdf…ok guys you had better seriously consider
spending the 20 bucks on this if you desire to stay relevant in this industry…

This is info that’s mandatory today…

Headed to my office to make necessary changes to template now…then off to Ann Arbor to bang
out 3 today.