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Post: Toilet Does Not Always Flush…Why?
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Look at the list of assigned moderators. More than half are no longer “with us” in one way or another. Notice the ONE name missing. That name is the answer to your question (yes, I am assuming).
There is a way to actually see who the moderator is on a given post, but I don’t know the trick. I know Mike Larson does (or did). Perhaps he will chime in here.

Just an acknowledgement: Larry Kage has been doing a bang up job on removing the reported SPAMMERS these last couple of months. Thank You Larry!!!

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Got it, Chuck.

And, you’re welcome Jeff.

Thank you Larry.

Are you stuck doing this solo? They should have a few additional members help out.

I do it when I am on the board and have the time.
There’s lots more to take care of now that I’m retired…:smiley:

But, I agree that more would be useful.

I believe Nick has so much to keep him busy that he just “approves” any, or most, posts that needs to get on the board.

I would think that if someone had the desire to be a moderator, they could request that status of Nick via

Also there are names on the moderator list that could be removed, save Gerry Beaumont for posterity.

By the way, I don’t bother “un-approving” the posts when a member quotes the offering post in their complaint post…because the offending post will remain. So, their quoting it makes my work useless.

I think that the post reporting script auto quotes the post being reported. The reported posts forum is in the members only section so they should not get picked up by search engines. If they get quoted in the original thread it rewards the spammed with another link

You got it, Chuck…

One of the police stations in Toronto had all their toilets stolen.

A police spokesman said they had nothing to go on.


Lol! Nice one!

cevans has also reported this item.