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Post: Wood roof inspections
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Posted by: Larry Badke
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Well, I suppose the post could be unapproved but I thought some might benefit from a dialog on the subject.

I trust your judgement, Larry.

I feel that the OP posted in an attempt to start an arguement. Note the evidence of “copy & paste” in his post: >

If a discussion was desired, why was it not posted in a different public thread. This one is reserved for legitimate questions.

If you desire a discussion, move the thread to an appropriate section.


No problem, Jeff, I didn’t scrutinize it so much.

If it gets too much out of hand it can be stopped.

Thanks for the heads up.

  • Wood shake shingle I have been in contact with in the S.E. area are on installed of 12 12 pitch or 14/12 pitch roofs. I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t want to walk on wood shake for the safety issue, as well as the liabilty issues. If you step and cracked a single this could cause damage that wasn’t there before you were, not to mention you could fall off the roof and be killed like a long time friend who roofed for 22 yrs. He fell 32’ feet during a recent hail storm. Inspecting a wood shake roof where only one nail fasten in a shingle he step on. I will view from the eaves and note it that way.