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Post: Plumb Yourself : Repair Leaky Pipes
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Posted by: Linda Ray
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Interesting. Nick approved it. Larry Kage disappoved it. Then Nick approved it again.

Well, I did my job. Not much else I can do.

What forum rules were violated by that post? Just curious… there was no soliciting a certain product. It was providing and informative DIY tip. The link itself led to a DIY site that does not sell a specific product or single sided opinions. The site was about general knowledge and helpful info. IMO, I don’t think that post fell under the term ‘spam’.


Read again…

Note: the link no longer points to the quoted info. Seems it has been moved/removed.

Also, since posted in the open MB, and viewable by all, the post infers that Nachi inspectors condone the use of DIY short-cut repairs. This, being posted by a non-member, is suspect, and could be mis-construed by the public.