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Post: Plumbing Emergency?
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Posted by: gaurav sharma
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Cute now we have some one from England trying to drum up business on the NACHI site .
Looks like we are getting recognized all over the world .

“For permanent solution of leakage problem, you need to use certain hardware equipments, like hose clamps, electrical tape, plumber epoxy putty.”

??? That might work for slow drips temporarily–while waiting for a plumber who better get there soon–but it is in no way a permanent repair. It absolutely would not fix and kind of running water leak.

??? Electrical tape ???

The onliest way to repair a leaking pipe properly is for a licensed plumber to remove the bad pipe and replace it.

I don’t care…you can do it yourself if you want to, but you’ll notice I said “licensed plumber”.

I am so glad that we even bother to report these type of posts…the ‘administration’ doesn’t give a rat’s *** about who or what is posted on the board. When was the last time a post was deleted for spam???



The problem as I see it is that the moderators do not act upon the post, so Nick just approves everything to avoid backing up the MB.

At least three of the listed moderators are no longer with us, and the others either don’t give a damn, or are afraid to moderate anything.

Actually, there is one moderator that will perform the duty he volunteered for, if given the chance, but I think once someone has approved the post, he has to wait until it is reported to act upon it. Thanks for still caring Frank!

I feel that if we are going to be on this semi-moderated system, we need to get the moderators updated.


Jeff ,why do you not become a moderator?

I’ve never been asked.

Also, there is a member or two that have personal issues with me, and would call into question any decision I made, even though it would not effect a member. Some people just can’t seperate their personal lives from business.

So sad.