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Post: OntarioACHI???
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Posted by: rcooke
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Last time he did this Nick let him get away with it.

He went to the NFE section and copied this to the open forum.

I want action taken against this individual

He has been told time and time again to butt out of Ontarioachi, but this MB gives him a forum to spew needless unsubstantiated lies.
Off with his head I say!!

Thanks Scott but you guys have attacked me most often and you guys certainly have.
I will do my best to show all when you guys attack me how you do not use the proper way of talking to others.
I have in my 80+ years seen any association post the way you four Directors do. .

You guys cry about my tag line well go back and read it again and see how silly you guys really are you are a disgrace to our industry Big Time .

You know that the reality is, you are jealous where we have succeeded and YOU failed that is the bottom line. You have done everything you can do to undermine Ontarioachi, you and your cohorts…don’t say they don’t exist because we all know who they are.
I will be watching now and see if this gets posted on any other message board forum or Facebook…if it is I will be endless to having you removed from this association. I don’t care who posts it, you or one of your buddies …couldn’t care less. You have done this more than once.
For the record we have only defended our position only after YOUR attacks and then you go back and delete your posts because you know you have been caught.
Final word…Get a life!

Thanks Scott for the confirmation you show you lack the ability to correspond properly .

I can see why OntarioACHI is shrinking .
Most people get over being vindictive when the get to be about 13 some seem to never get over it .

("I will be endless to having you removed from this association. ")
I expect I will make you feel great some day I am 81 and still very happy 61 year great wife .

I still help many people why not try it the rewards are great .](

You and your butt buddy Bowman are the vindictive ones

I have addressed your concerns!

The only disgrace is you and your butt buddy Bowman