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Post: Quebec member wants answers.
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Posted by: kwood
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Please report this to Mark Cohen, NACHI counsel, as he is now overseeing all Ethics Complaints.

Good luck. This bane on the inspection industry should be dealt with properly and finally.

Thanks Stephen, I shall take your advice. In my opinion, Mr Wood is doing untold damage to the prospects of all home inspectors in Ontario. As a holder of the CMI and continuously spouting his seditious diatribe at anyone who upsets him he is bringing the CMI into disrepute. Many Inspectors are reliant on the qualities required to obtain the CMI to go toward a license when regulation comes about in Ontario. Kevin Wood’s actions are ensuring that the CMI is respected less and less.

Not only that! He is insulting and demeaning to colleagues across the border and makes inflamed comments on a regular basis. On the home front, he is insulting to colleagues in different provinces and makes prejudiced comments.

His actions are destroying the meaning of CMI in Ontario and ruining many efforts made by individuals working as proud members of Internachi!

Just curious, when something defamatory is stated in the members only section, I have heard it said that “members are unmoderated” and “it was in the members section” as a way of rejecting the complaint.

Leonard brings up an interesting point when he mentions the inspector’s standing amongst his peers being affected. Why would defamation among a group of inspectors who are members here be any different than defamation in public? We refer one another based on what we know of one another. If defamatory statements damage our reputation among other inspectors doesn’t that cause harm?