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Post: OntarioACHI ???
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Posted by: rcooke
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WOW looks like I finally got some one at OntarioACHI to see My facts . They refuse to Post the truth . I stand by my post and do hope that the Directors soon post the facts I\ have been asking for .
They do have directors who should not be on he Board .
Good luck Len you and your board are at fault .
Why not remove all your directors and resign do the proper thing.

Roy you have no idea of the work going on in OntarioACHI. You are hell bent on destruction of anything not approved by, or fully accessible by Roy. You’ve done it in the past and you continue to do it. This time you overstepped the mark. Calling someone a thief without evidence (and there is none because it doesn’t happen) is outrageous and libellous. If you think you are being funny your are not. You are bringing the profession into disrepute, you are bringing InterNACHI into disrepute. You are not a member of OntarioACHI, you have no right to information of this organisation, you will never get it. Now with your last post you again attack InterNACHI. You don’t know where your aim is pointed or when to pull the trigger. You are a disgrace and should not be allowed to spew your crap on any message board, let alone here on InterNACHI. You have nothing to back up any of your claims, never have and never will and just seem to want to spout because it makes you feel good.

Just to back up my comment about you attacking InterNACHI

If this isn’t a blatant attack on the fact that InterNACHI certified and provides education I don’t know what is. That’s the second time in less than a month you’ve attacked InterNACHI. I’ve always suspected you were a mole for OAHI, maybe this is just you finally coming to the surface.

He seems to like to attack InterNACHI and its Members just like he did in this previous thread:

And he did what after being exposed??? Posted lies and mis-information as always.

Very sad to see he likes to cause trouble for InterNACHI…

Thanks Pat, I couldn’t find the material, but yes, there it is, another stab in the back for NACHI from the great Roy Cook. I’m telling you, he’s an OAHI mole!

Keep trying guys you are not reading my posts very well .
Why not back up your statements by charging me .
I have never run down NACHI .
It is you the Directors of OntarioACHI who are not following the Rules of that Organisation .
It is you guys who are not answering any questions and not sending out any facts and information of that association .
According to what has been posted by the Group there could be a large amount of money that the members have not received a financial statement about .
I am ready to face you guys in Court .

But wait, that can’t be true. What about…

, Thanks Jeffery … That is just one of many like today a lady from Florida asked and received my help.

You Canadians are nothing but a bunch of little bitches. I think you are worse then the college kids protesting right now.
Grow some balls and some skin and get over yourself and your “feelings”…

Yeah go Roy, nice guy. (sic)