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Post: How about that
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Posted by: rcooke
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Len, I agree 1,000% and posting here will do nothing. You need to include this as a formal complaint and sent to InterNACHI, c/o **Chris Morrell **(Chief Executive Officer), (Note I didn’t say Nick, as he is Roy’s buddy).

Gee How about your attacks on Roy . I post a fact and you get upset , You and your followers are them ones who have no idea how to do things properly .
Why are you such a cry baby . Time to start doing things correctly.
You are the one who is not following the OntarioACHI rules .
Glad to see you finally paid your dues up to date .

Why did he think trolling on the OntarioACHI website posting “late renewal info” was such a horrible shameful thing? Did Len do something to bring shame on himself or the industry?

Why does he snoop around on members to find something to make a bogus issue out of?
It simply stated membership awaiting renewal.
Is this some kind of an intentional act that would be considered badly?
It makes no sense at all.
What say you Roy?
What was your intent other than to poke fun at a well respected inspector?

Well said, Marc.

And he will keep carrying on as he is doing now.

Sad that he has nothing better to do than try to stir up trouble with lies and manipulated data.

Shame on him!

That is the thing with narcissistic people… they always have to be the center of attention. When their lives turn meaningless, they feel deprived of their fleeting life and must create turmoil to feel ‘whole’ again! I pity him, because like those with dementia, he will never know the err of his ways. How sad.