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Post: Do you use Checklist & Graphics in your reports?
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Posted by: belliott
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I think Bob has had so much stress from trying to control steady growth of his home inspection empire that he has lost it. I remember when he would help people here at the message board. Now he just puts people down. It must have to do with “controlling steady growth”.

Then perhaps you should not stalk my sites.

Let me give you some advice now. First impressions are key to good business. I hope you don’t always act this way when you meet people.
Also you shouldn’t have a Customer Testimonials page on your site when you don’t have any customer testimonials.

Stalking my site and giving unasked for advice.
As I said on the other thread you are a crybaby.

I bet you you ran to mother a lot as a kid.:slight_smile:

Members are not moderated.

Hey Linus do you actually work or just spend your days collecting worthless Logos for your IR site?

I don’t want to do too much Bob, I’m trying to control growth of my home inspection empire, you know how that goes. You got any more of that Vicodin?? Gotta go, phones ringing, got to turn down more work, controlling growth ya know??:p:p:p

In 2 years we will have this talk again.
Any more farmer?

Your getting popular Rob, Robert, I mean Bob. Do you have any tips at getting MB stalkers. :stuck_out_tongue:

Grow up and put your man pants on. We don’t moderate members on the message board. :roll:

PS. Bob was right in his post.

Thanks Stephen
I may have mis read the post a little and was going to apologize if I was to strong, but the guy was stalking my sites for a (ouch ) hurtful website review.:slight_smile:
Gosh you do not post as many times as some of us do and not slip but the guy could have just PM’d me.
Linus is just Linus as any time I cross swords he likes to jump in.(You figure that one out) :slight_smile:
I love how people think they know your entire life from a forum.:roll:

Could someone please fill me in on what is being reported here? Seems like a normal conversation to me. I’ve been told I suck hundreds of times!:roll: How do you know if you suck, if no one tells you?:shock:

Perhaps Mr. Ernst could be served by having someone point out all of the spelling errors on his various web pages to return the favor he was apparently extending to others. Start with the “Firt time homebuyer” and go from there.

Just a case of a newer guy being a little bit of a stiff and my humor bone being a little more off than usual while Linus is just being a his A-hole self as normal :).
Linus is full of himself since getting a thermal camera but he may stop preening in a few years once we all have the things for under $1,000.(LOL)
Move along -nothing to see here.:):):slight_smile:

I am an A-hole sometimes to but at least I admit it.

You remain clueless but a legend in your own little world.

I rest my case.:slight_smile:

As others have said, we don’t moderate members. I’m closing this thread.