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It’s sorta funny that it took you almost a week to decide that you had an issue and to figure out how you were going to word your ‘complaint’ for maximum effect. Are you sure you got in all the ‘keywords’ and ‘triggers’ to get Nachi’s attention? If I didn’t know any better, I’d bet a certain Canadian or two prompted and coached you on how to do this.
Anyway, I guess it’s not okay for anyone to ask questions or have an honest opinion on this MB if it doesn’t fit your agenda?
Interestingly, your post does exactly what you accuse me of, so IMO, you are a hypocrite.
Good luck to you in your endeavors, and I would say something like ‘talk to you later’, but somehow, I doubt that will happen!

If I looked bald with a Taliban style beard it wouldn’t displayed on my website.
I guess it’s OK for a part time inspector.
Just some friendly marketing advice.