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Post: Home Inspector Kansas City
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Respectfully, what this member has done is OK with me and with NACHI and the MB forum. He is smart, he knows that Google will pick this up and it will help him with SEO. I have done it as well as many others. Maybe the category is not the best choice but honestly I see nothing wrong with a member taking full advantage of our MB.

Ditto to what Mario said.

I don’t see a problem with this post either.

I don’t have a problem with placing ads in any section of the public MB.

I do have a problem with it being in AskNACHI, as I thought that was a forum for the public to ask questions of inspectors. It would be pretty tough for people to find their answers if there were 8,000 ads for individual inspectors in that section.

I will send him a private e-mail suggesting that in the future he use another forum.

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Thank you Mario, Gerry.


PM was sent to David with no response. I will keep all moderators informed.

True, I see nothing wrong with the post itself, it should probably be in a different section though.

What about Frank C attacking Paul in the Ask NACHI section?

I didn’t think the moderators had any authority over member posts?

This is more of a wrong section post than a ESOP issue.

Jeff, anyone could have reported this post, or any post for that matter, it just happened to be Rick. Anyone can report ANY post at ANY time.

And Rick is not a moderator. :wink:

I know your not a moderator, Rick. I just remember a bunch of hu-bub about members not being moderated, and I thought that was what this section was for…to report non-member posts for moderation. A quote from the top of this page:

“InterNACHI only moderates non-member posts”

The askNACHI forum, however, is (and always has been) a moderated forum for everyone.

Well we all know how moderation works at NACHI. The butt kissers will get away with about anything such as trashing another member in the Ask NACHI forum but a newer member gets his head handed to him on a plate. This is what is called NACHI justice. Sad but true.