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Now Mark Goldenberg wants to make a point, I am all in.
This will not stop until someone looks into this.


Chuck, my post #2 explains how I feel.
Hope that helps.

I know how you feel and I see how you act.

You are both a comedy and a tragedy on full display.

You need to stop with this! Members are not moderated and this has been made clear on an ad-nauseum basis. If you don’t like the interaction, don’t post.

You are making yourself sound more and more like a totally ignorant and petulant little brat who’s trying to cause crap for others with the teacher!

Maybe you should go play with the other two cartoon bobs doing this on facebook who brag about how much trouble they cause thinking nobody knows how ignorant and unprofessional they really are… Suuurrpriiise!

Please don’t bring this here - You will get nowhere and just cause more trouble!