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Post: Some Common Features of Different Flooring Products
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Posted by: sunbob clinton
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Your moderator list includes dead people.

And his name, will remain on every post, position, or list in perpetuity. As it should be. Don’t like it, take a hike.

That’s classy Bob.

Stop stalking me Linas.
Nobody cares what you think about any subject since you lie most of the time anyway.

Go finish one of the 7 jobs a week you claim to complete from Service Magic.

I find it creepy but you have no call to be a As-hole as I did not know you were aware.
Are you trying to be the next Linas?

Take a hike?..screw you jerk.

I know you make a hobby of reporting posts and all but "control freak " is “Obsessive Compulsive”

Let’s see.

Gerry Beaumont, Bob Elliott. Gerry Beaumont, Bob Elliott. Gerry Beaumont, Bob Elliott.


Maybe your friends at Inspectors Journal will appreciate the post. :roll:

You make zero sense.
Gerry was a great guy and using him name as above dishonors him.
Shame on you and if I was a tattletale I would report your post.

At least I honor his name and don’t just refer to him as “dead people”.

Your post was in poor taste. I guess your ego can’t admit it and you feel the need to blow smoke in order to hide it. Live with the results.

I was pointing out your list is out of date, numb nuts.
Get over yourself.

He is dead,deal with it and get back to the real world.

I have a right to comment too Bob, it’s a free country…for now. Have another drink, it makes you feel superior to all of us, spew some more of your garbage.

WOW! for a guy that has spent the last year bragging about 7 inspections a week from Service Magic,tons of IR specialty Inspections,Property preservation services all over,a Michigan av office overlooking the lake,top ranked #1 Google sites,$20,000 in draw inspections every year,walk and talk for cash,commercial inspections up the a-s and for the last year been looking to hire a crew you sure find lots of time to post from your i phone/Samsung note while doing reports from your HG/HIP software.

You are either the most interesting man in the world or a compulsive liar who stalks others while accusing them of drinking,taking drugs,being gay or less than you.

Which is it?
Let me ask Robert Young,James Braun,Mike Meeker,Kevin Wood and Roy .
Just making friends where ever you go eh?

Maybe you can teach me some of your wonderful people skills.
Need to see if you are this good with your clients.

Wow, did I say something wrong Bob? Friends? On a message board? Get out of those neighborhood bars and find some true friends. They only like you because you buy rounds, don’t you get it?

One day you will get shot or stabbed if you keep buying stuff from a guy in the alley Linass.

I pray that you will reach bottom soon and seek help. I sent you information. The first step has to be taken by you Bob.

I have no interest in joining you and your partner at that swingers club.
Please stop sending that stuff.

Send it to your other ASHI buddies where you like to diss NACHI at I.N

Wow, you’re losing it.