Bamboo Flooring!

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Here is an interesting article on Bamboo Flooring!!


Timber bamboo, which comes primarily from China, emerges from the ground at up to 6 inches in diameter, can shoot up 24 inches in a single day, grows up to 40 feet, and achieves maturity in four years. Compare the upward sprint of bamboo with the more stately rate of growth for an oak or redwood tree, and you'll appreciate why bamboo is so valued as a renewable resource. The surprise of bamboo flooring is that it is often as hard as oak and maple, and it is more dimensionally stable (it expands and contracts less) than other common types of hardwood floors.

For flooring, narrow strips of bamboo are laminated together to form planks, which can be glued or nailed to a subfloor. Bamboo floors look subtly different from traditional wood floors: The parallel lines of the slender strips are visible (and the look depends on whether the strips have been laminated flat or on edge), as are the slightly darker nodes or growth joints, which appear at 6- to 12-inch intervals. The flooring is either a creamy tan or a darker caramel, which is created with a steam treatment. Bamboo can be stained, dyed, or otherwise finished on-site.

Bamboo flooring can be purchased unfinished for about $5.50 per square foot or finished for about $7 per square foot, and it comes in a variety of widths and lengths. The boards have tongue-and-groove edges. Most manufacturers also offer compatible trim pieces, such as thresholds and baseboards, that give a uniform look to the installation and help it blend with other areas of the home.

Bamboo resources:

Bamboo Flooring International. (800) 827-9261 or
Bamboo Hardwoods. (206) 264-2414 or
Smith & Fong/Plyboo. (866) 835-9859 or
TimberGrass. (800) 929-6333 or

The slender proportions and subtle mottling of the bamboo strip floors in this living area and kitchen create a warm, contemporary look.

DESIGN: Ann Knight, TimberGrass, Bainbridge Island, WA (800/929-6333)


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Check this out.....Bamboo scaffolding in Hong Kong![](upload://l6jqGPMMsXpaX5nepnQ15Z2vyw9.jpeg)

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Ron that is some great Information on Bamboo. I haven’t seen any of this out here yet. icon_smile.gif

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I’ve seen a lot of it, mostly in higher end homes and condos.

While it is actually less expensive, it has not yet 'caught on', so only the 'haves' have it, the 'have nots' have not gotten hold of it yet.

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I have seen it too. It looks nice, but the one I saw didn’t hold up very well and they were going to replace it. Not sure what that was all about…maybe it is too soft? It did have a nice look.


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