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Posted by: Angela D. Hicks
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Hey Stephen,

I would think as a business owner such as yourself, you would have once upon a time needed to advertise to potential clients or agents to grow your company? Am I wrong? Why pass so much judgement?

Because trolls such as these come in and can ruin and corrupt a message board if you give them a foothold. This is NOT a sales development board. They can start their own message board or website if that is what they want.

They are the bane of message boards. Until you have managed a normal board overtaken by garbage posts, porn, and all sorts of non-germane garbage, you won’t understand. It can take hours and days on a constant basis to delete these pieces of human garbage. It is also a haven for spammers and those that spread malicious viruses. They can take it somewhere else.

I think it’s safe to say something like 95+% of all ads using the proper channels or not are unwanted. It’s part of business and how things are promoted. All business owners need to do it. It just doesn’t seem worth it to get worked up over something you have little control over which is probably something you do relatively in another way to attract your clients… Just ignore it…

Thanks, Stephen, the spam appears to have been deleted. :slight_smile: