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Tonight I inspected a 55 year old home that was previously treated as per the drill holes throughout the entire unfinished basement. I did find 2-3 small, old mud tubes on a joist with no damage. How would you write it up on the NPMA-33? Would you recommend a treatment being it was already treated?

If it was previously treated and there were no signs of any live termites I would check the box that says the area was previously treated and then check the box that says no recommendation for further treatment.

From the rear of the form:

  1. Treatment Recommendation Guidelines Regarding Subterranean Termites: FHA and VA require treatment when any active
    infestation of subterranean termites is found. If signs of subterranean termites — but no activity — are found in a structure that
    shows no evidence of having been treated for subterranean termites in the past, then a treatment should be recommended. A
    treatment may also be recommended for a previously treated structure showing evidence of subterranean termites — but no
    activity — if there is no documentation of a liquid treatment by a licensed pest control company within the previous five years
    unless the structure is presently under warranty or covered by a service agreement with a licensed pest control company.

Yeah I know what it says but in this case there is no definitive way of knowing if the treatment was within past 5 years as it is an estate sale of an unoccupied home. I just hate to recommend a treatment for old non-active signs of termites.

Tunnels present right it up for treatment , tunnels should have been removed when treatment was done

Yep. Down here I recommend treatment “if not under a current control warranty”.
It protects the consumer and yourself.
<<MG>> State Lic Termite Operator #JF2446 :slight_smile: