What is the best option on providing the service of providing printed reports with pictures onsite? I use handwritten reports and takes a couple days to deliver what is the best equipment to able to perform this service to print pictures and report on site is there an expensive service involved

Keep using hand written notes and you will not need to worry about reports very long.

Just purchase Home Inspector Pro and get it over with. is an alternative if you are on a budget you get the first 15 reports free.

I recommend HomeGauge. And I don’t recommend on site delivery of reports, same day delivery via online download is better in my opinion.


If your reports are written like your post, don’t even bother.

I use home guage and provide a reort online by the next day. I also will provide a printed out report if requested.So far only have had to do that once on a 25 page report for a lady who doesn’t have internet. She got my number from my truck advertising.

There are many options available for fast electronic delivery. Most guys here probably publish them the same day. No need to print it on site. Its a better product than anything hand written.