Representative Lauren Boebert helps small businesses like home inspection companies

And she had to fight hard for it:


Not really. It passed along party lines. It’s unlikely to pass Senate or even reach the Presidents desk.

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She had to fight really hard for it. She and her colleagues refused to vote in the Speaker (took 15 votes, unprecedented) until they agreed to the bill amongst other things. She is an American hero.

I just wish that InterNachi was more active in influencing change than they are promoting rhetoric. If they were, I would consider ongoing membership.

We pick fights that we can win and that matter most to our members:


And InterNACHI wins lawsuit to change law for home inspectors in Kentucky


As disgraceful as her behavior was, the disturbing thing was her attitude toward fellow theater patrons and constituents when she asked “Do you know who I am?”, as if that’s an excuse for her behavior.