if you think you're protected from home safe

there’s an elephant in the room

wonder why this wasn’t brought to members attention like nachi suing ky

Interesting Barry. Very, very, interesting.


Yep should have attacked the patent troll issue instead of getting in be with one.

Ego over common sense. When you trust a scumbag, don’t be surprised if that scumbag turns on you.

Ouch, that could be read several ways. :wink:

Present members are covered. New members who intend on using IR should indicate this.

This was made known on the forum already. It has been posted on the InterNACHI website
and sent to all the members by email.

I see nothing that says HomeSafe can dictate how InterNACHI informs it’s members IMHO.

I doubt Nick is at liberty to talk about this, so I just put in my two cents.

ya think? :wink:

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All you have posted is quotes from a press release. The original WRITTEN AGREEMENT has never been made public by Nick or InterNACHI. From what I read in the complaint, it is the WRITTEN AGREEMENT upon which Homesafe is basing their lawsuit. Looks like somebody didn’t pay their rent. :wink:

May be, but the cost seem pretty outrageous, 100% of first year membership fee and 50% ever after. I can’t see Nick giving up that much. Also I think paying members should know where their fee is going.

My comments were based on the written agreement, which I read, and InterNACHI’s actions.

I see no problem… IMHO.

BTW… most new members do not do thermal imaging, so HomeSafe may have counted their eggs as being too high before they were laid. Most do not get into IR for several years after they get started as a home inspector. Those who are still in business and want to get into IR, after several years, are a tiny fraction of those who join InterNACHI. Again… HomeSafe cannot dictate how InterNACHI informs it’s membership. That seems to be their issue.

Also… do not believe everything you read. There is other information not being disclosed.
Wait for it.



Hey Brad, it pops up with your information already filled into the form.

Un believable!!!

Looks like the chickens have come home to roost.
The right thing to have done in the beginning was to defend our industry as a whole. Karma is a bit ch…

Send it on then. LOL That link came in an email I got from NAR.

I have noticed both NAR and ASHI are really pushing legislation to stop patent trolls.

I really don’t understand how the got a patent anyway. It would be like me trying patent how to listen to music on an ipod. How does one patent using a product they neither invented nor manufacture?

What I really don’t understand is why FLIR and Fluke aren’t all over this. It’s their products that are being attacked.

Because nearly all sales of IR cameras to home inspectors in this country are to InterNACHI members and InterNACHI is 100% successful in protecting its members (using a variety of means). In the 10+ year history of this industry problem, only one InterNACHI member has ever been sued and I was successful in having that lawsuit dropped bringing the grand total of InterNACHI members who had any problems regarding this patent issue down to… zero. Our 100% perfect success rate of protecting members isn’t changing anytime soon.


Nick, the alleged trolls are suing NACHI.

Is it time to do the right thing and fight or is it too late because you already gave them legitamacy by bending over for them.

I say it’s high time you admit you were wrong and join ASHI and fight them.

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