Republican national debate tonight near InterNACHI's headquarters.

Pop some popcorn.

I am there, Come On Donald !!!
He is falling back a little, this is his chance to gain some ground.


Go Carly.

You want real change Trump is the one. Now only if he can try to at least look like he is more humble than he actually is then he can win. Because we all know he’s not humble. To be good leader it is a important trait but if he excels elsewhere then it’s less important. Go Trump. Any of these candidates are light years better than what we’re stuck with now.

“It’s hard to be humble, when your perfect in every way…”

Only thing popping is the GOPs bubble!

Although, they never really had a bubble to pop.
Maybe a bad toupee to comb over?

And now that the toupee is fading…

Enter Dr. Demento!!

Gifted Hands, Demented Brain!!

All in time for Halloween! :twisted:

If you say so…:roll::roll:

Huckabee, the most immoral politician on stage, actually said that Social Security isn’t a matter of math, but morality.

Colorado brownies for dessert.

I am still a big Trump fan, but I do have to say that Chris Christie has my ear, he keeps saying the right things, well from my point of view.

Also the media really sucks at coming up with their questions and all the candidates let them know…LOL


Is there any good honest media left in this country. I say we should have a debate hosted by everyday citizens half on the right and half on the wrong im sorry I meant left. It can’t be any worse.