Reputation of Florida Builder

Do any of you Florida guys have an opinion, one way or the other on a group called “Holiday Builders?” I looked at their website and didn’t find much info. Just trying to find out what their reputation is. Thanks guys.

I live in a home built by Holiday and have inspected many homes built by them. It was built in 2002. I think they have a good reputation. Just like any builder they will only be as good as you make them be.

They are employee owned. They build a decent home. As with most spec builders do not expect any extras.

Doing some poking around for a family member in Florida. I haven’t actually seen the home. Was told there is water coming through the slab and that the structure seems to be about 10" lower than the rest of the home son the block. Home is only 2 years old and warranty is up in August, and builder seems to be trying to drag it out til warranty is up. Any more opinions or facts from anyone else regarding this company would be appreciated.

I had a Holiday home back in 2001, the house was a standard spec home

They also dragged out some problems with some concrete issues, until the squeaky wheel got the grease out.

Elevations are set by the jurisdiction most times. Where is it. One of us could stop by and take a look for you.

The home is in Winter Haven John.

to far for me, sorry.

Latent defects in construction hang the builder for 10 years here. Have the family member contact a good attorney to send a demand letter after they hire and inspector to determine the cause of the moisture intrusion. I know this will cost them a few bucks but moisture intrusion problems here can add up to mold problems and if the grade is bad the foundation could settle. Time to do it is now.

Ian I will be in Winter Haven next week I was there 3 days this week. If thats not soon enough I can head out there Saturday. It’s better than an hour away but it is a nice country drive. If your interested call me and I will help anyway I can.

Brian, I think I heard that there is a 10 year structural warranty, but am not sure what that exactly covers(legal wording). An attorney has been contacted as well as the insurance company. I do agree that this will cost money on the short term, but could save some money on the long run.

Don’t be surprised if the warranty lasts longer than the builder. Might be tough getting warranty work if the builder isn’t around to do it. You may want to do in now, as Brian said.

I was referring to contractor law. Latent defects are the responsibility of the contractor to correct for 10 years. Problem is that there are two sections of the contractors responsibility under the law, patent defects (not concealed or requiring any expertise to determine exist) are only assumable to contractor responsibility for 4 years. The grade issue is a patent defect. My point is it is not enough sometimes to complain repeatedly. Once they realize they have to address the issue they will undoubtably handle it, they have a reputation to hold and are actually fairly well respected here. It is important that the complaints be documented for future availability.

Ian I will be in Winter Haven Wed. or Thurs. if you want pics.say the word. I’m not stalking just trying to help. LOL

Will let you know Curtis thanks. Still haven’t gotten pics from this, but should be on the way.

I hear what you’re saying Brian. The problem is getting them to the point of realization that this is any issue they need to deal with. Thanks.


You can file a complaint through the link below.

That seems to get their attention.

Well, I have heard about this firm, however, I didn’t buy any home within their project. However, if you want to know their reputation and genuineness, then I can recommend you to contact one expert on their social profile i.e. LeonardAlbanese@Linkedin, he is an Industry expert and might know about this firm’s reputation.