Reputation System (coming soon)

Hello folks,

I just wanted to let everyone know about a change we’ll be making to the message board as early as tomorrow morning. I’m in the process of adding and testing a “reputation” system for this message board which will allow NACHI members to rate the helpfulness of other users on our system. Though all users will display a reputation, the place where this will mostly come into play is with non-members who are constantly posting useless information. Any non-member whose posts are consistently graded down by a number of NACHI members will lose his or her ability to post (as well as a few other restrictions). This will give our members the power to collectively moderate the message board.

Obviously the system will need to be tweaked over the first few weeks (we don’t want any single person or small group of people to have much of an effect, but we also don’t want it to be impossible for someone to be considered “disreputable”) but I think it should have an overall positive effect on the message boards. If, in the end, it causes more headache than it’s worth, we can always turn it back off.

The reason I’m posting this tonight is to hear any questions or concerns that might arise before we actually turn the system on.


No questions, no concerns, just one comment…'bout damn time!

Mikey likes it…go for it!

Brian, you just lost a point for using the word “damn”…:smiley: :smiley:

oh darn

Good one Chris,

this is going to get interesting :wink:



Let’s give her whirl…sounds like a good idea. We’ll know in a few days if it will fly.:smiley:

Just do it !!! about time. I am new here but it was getting kind of sickening.

Ok, now I am afraid to post…just kidding.


What about people with multiple personalities?

When their reputation is shot, they will simply get another name and email and keep posting…


Will it be possible to somehow burn a mark on their skin as well?:smiley:

Great Chris:)

How will this system work on the “not for everyone” thread or “spam” thread?

Nice touch John, really nice touch :smiley:



Chris, The only major question I have about this, which I think is greatly needed. But what steps are going to be taken to keep people who have a problem with another Nachi member from making it their mission to give a bad ratings to them? I can forsee a abuse of this system just to keep a Nachi member from posting because they do not like them. :frowning: </IMG>

Thank you Chris this has just slowed our great BB to a crawl .
Love it big Time Roy Cooke

If I read Chris’s post correctly, its going to be for members to grade down Non-members that are posting nonsense or useless spam? I don’t know if you’ll be able to lower a members status. Maybe Chris can enlighten us.


:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :cool: :smiley:

There will be no ignoring this…:cool:

As usual, Chris, you are a genius. Not just a techie guru or wizard, but an honest to G-d genius!

Self moderation! What a concept! Keeps down your work load and is very democratic.

If I may suggest, with regards to the slamming factor, give each member only one indicator or vote on a poster’s helpfullness. In this way, there won’t be multiple down (or up) votes by one poster against another.

Just a thought.

Thanks. Much needed.

How does that address the “for sale” vendor spam since they post from new accounts every time?

At best, it will get nachi members to view those posts repeatedly (probably the ultimate goal of the poster) so that they can label teh person “disrepuatable”. Once that poster has been branded with John O’s scarlet letter, they then will create a new identity and kepp posting, ad nauseum.

At best, it may impact some of the canadian nonesense, although they too have shown a propensity to proliferate through the use of multiple addresses, and only wish to generate attention (something lost on those who keep posting retorts to them) - so this system will play into their hands that way as well.

Good effort, and definietly better than nothing, but not a complete solution, I think.