Reputation System Reset

Hey folks,

So you know how I said I might have to tweak the system? Well–just about 5 minutes ago I had to do so by deleting every reputation entry in the system. I had set the threshold so high that no one’s reputation entries were doing anything. This should be resolved now, but it means that you’ll have to go back and re-enter your reputation entries if you want them to stick.

Sorry about the hiccup.

Looks like you reset yours to high!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I just set it to where I knew it would naturally move to over the next few weeks. I figured I’d save you all the trouble. :smiley:

It’s hard to be humble when your perfect in so many ways…smile

That’s funny

BK - you’re all out of Reputation? If you keep giving it away that easily, you won’t have any left at all!!!

It’s a nice idea, Chris, but I don’t think you have been reading enough of the threads to have grasped the concept of how to really deal with issues like this.

You see, what we need to do is have the state license the use of the message board. Only state licensed home inspectors would be allowed to post. This would protect consumers…(how, we actually don’t know, but that rhetoric must be included in such proposals)…as well as others who frequent these boards.

A minimum score would have to be obtained on the NHIE (Numbskulls Having Issues with Everyone) and the first 250 posts would have to be done in the presence of a licensed poster.

This would solve the problem for, as we all know, this is the solution for everything.

No, not solve everything, because you forgot the background check that would be required for national security and the protection of the consumer from a renegade poster, also a credit check needs to be done so in case a fine is levied against the renegade poster, so everyone knows his check or credit card is good.

Don’t forget drug testing. We have to make sure that no one’s opinion here is influenced by someone under the influence of drugs!

Why don’t we just charge people $375 and have them swear that they have read or made 1000 posts over the course of their lifetime and they can be Certified Master Posters and exempt from rating?

Of course they still have to pass that background check!:wink:

James, speaking just for myself, I am glad you not grasping a concept, does not disuade you from posting.:smiley:
I would give you a positive mark, but alas, I have used up my allotment of good chear.